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Welcome to Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program


Our Method


The Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program (ChiS&E) provides highly-engaging, age-appropriate hands-on science and engineering activities for Chicago Public School (CPS) K-12 students and their parents. The program develops student and parent knowledge as well as a love of learning in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our special teaming approach – providing teaching tools and learning experiences to teams of teachers and parents - is unique to ChiS&E and an integral part of its ability to generate a shared vision of the possible among students and parents alike.

Build Capacity

For the first four years of the program, ChiS&E’s focus will be on grades K – 3 through its inaugural program in order to build capacity.  The long-term goal of ChiS&E is to expand to K – 12.

Model Real Careers

From kindergarten through third grade, young scientists participate in eight sessions of three hours each at the Museum of Science and Industry each year. There is also an additional parent orientation session.

Kindergarten - Little Civil Engineer

Grade One - Little Chemical Engineer

Grade Two - Little Electrical Engineer

Grade Three - Little Mechanical Engineer

Grade Four - Little Structural Engineer


After third grade, students will participate in a five-week Summer Math & Science Enrichment Program at the University of Chicago. The K – 3 Program includes curriculum development; teacher professional development; activities for students, parents, and teachers; family support; volunteer opportunities for engineers; and evaluation.  The most recent evaluation determined that after 3.5 years there has been a 90 per cent retention rate among students.

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