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About Us

The Chicago Pre-
College Science and Engineering Program (ChiS&E) was developed in January, 2008.   ChiSE takes its inspiration and will benefit from the programs developed and implemented by the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) established in 1976 to provide out-of-school and in-school activities to students in grades K – 12 in the Detroit Public Schools.  ChiS&E incorporates many of the successful elements of the K-3 pre-engineering program of DAPCEP and weaves an information/communication technology component throughout it. DAPCEP’s founder and executive director, Kenneth Hill, also founded and established ChiS&E as a nonprofit organization, developed a partnership with CPS, and connected with local foundations, corporations, universities, museums, and other nonprofit organizations.


The ChiS&E approach is not about simple quick fixes, but rather, long-term change. During its early gestational period (2008 – 2013), ChiS&E will facilitate a profoundly transformative educational experience for 640 African-American and Latino children as well as their parents in targeted low-income communities on Chicago’s south and west sides. 


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